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Once I saw a picture of a toy in the Internet, it looked so real! I wondered what's it made of.... I was even more surprised after discovering it is crafted from a simple piece of wool. Hmm, it means one can create volumetric figurines from wool. How do they end up so warm and lovely at the end ...? 

 home to finish tonight I found the professional, and learned the basics so I can start crafting my own woollen  toys.

In my toys, I only use natural sheep and camel wool. The method I use is: Dry wallow needle. 

Since I really like cats ... you will find quite a few of them in my collection  ... Though not only cats ... 

Cats are remarkable in their ability to take an endless number of unique beautiful poses .. 

People ask frequently: 

How do I make my creatures? 

watch animals a lot, take photos ... or just occasionally find interesting pictures on the internet .. 

How long will does it usually take to make a toy? 

It certainly depends  ... and it may take longer or shorter .. But I must say I seldom can do no more than two small cats per month ... I have sought quality and resemblance to the prototype in my work  .. a lot of attention is required to details ... 

Can I make an exact replica of one of my toys? 

First of, the exact replica is never possible ... the second toy may look like the first, but still it will be a completely different one to me. 
That's where the magic comes - a toy comes to life in my hands and begins to live on its own ... and not be quite what I want ... 

I always like to make toys perfect and put all soul, and love I can .. And I always wish that my toys find loving owners who will take care of them ...

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